What about when you table in Vancouver?

Ah there’s no need for a seller’s permit at Canadian cons, just for US ones-

Hi Mins! I was reading up on some guides for tabling at a con, and some mentioned a seller's permit? The writers seem to be from the US, so I'm wondering does this apply to you + other artists you know? Thanks!

Heyy !

I’ve only ever tabled at AX (California) so I can only say for certain that in Cali, in order for anyone (whether they’re from the US or not) to sell anything, a (temporary) seller’s permit is required. I thinkk most other states require you to have one as well, but I’m not 100% sure since they sometimes do things differently from state to state- 

If you don't mind sharing, what are your brush settings? > v < Such as when you sketch something or when you line something?

mm not sure if this would really help much since I pretty much just use the default settings haha, but for sketching and colouring I usually use the airbrush tool (left) and for lining I use the pen tool (right)

what's your HQ level in kantai collection? what level is your highest level ship?

I actually haven’t kept up for a while- I think I’m only level 49- and my highest level ship is around 75-80

I have a question about your "Process shots of Jinx", in the third shot (where you color in the weapons and Jinx in gray), are they on separate layers? And do you color over the gray color or do you get rid of it and then apply the colors? Sorry if this sounds confusing, I'm really bad at explaining things ><

Ah yup, the different greys are on separate layers- basically when I’m flatting in colours, I just do it all in different shades of grey to make it easier to distinguish between the layers. Afterwards I just set each layer to preserve opacity and fill them with the appropriate colours + etc.